Class Offerings for 2018-2019:

Toddler: Bible

Preschool: Art, Bible, Music, Wiggle Time

Kindergarten: Art, Bible, Gym, Music, Nutrition

1st Grade: Art, Gym, Plus-Plus Blocks Literature, Snap Circuits

2nd Grade: Art, Gym, Math IQ Builders, Mr. Learnie Legos, Science Inventions

3rd Grade: Art, Bible Olympics, Brick City Geography, Gym

4th Grade: Art, Gym, Recorders, ZOOB STEM Challenge

5th Grade: Advanced IQ Builders, Art, Destination Europe, Gym, Writing

6th Grade: Music, STEM, Finance

JH/HS: Financial Peace, Biology, YouTube

Nursery care is available for parents with children under age two.

*All classes are subject to change due to student interest and enrollment.

*Pre-school classes are only offered to those with siblings in grades kindergarten or above who are registered in Walk By The Way Co-op.