Enrollment Policy

1.      All students will attend only the class they have been enrolled in. 
2.      Immobile infants up to 12 months of age may be brought with the teaching parent to class as long as they do not disrupt the classroom setting.  Otherwise, nursery care is available during all three hours of co-op.
3.      In order for a child to attend a co-op class day, his/her parent/guardian must also be in attendance for the entire co-op day, fulfilling their assigned teaching positions.

Wellness Policy

Out of consideration for the well being of all students & parents, we please ask that you NOT attend co-op if you or your child have had in the last 24 hours:
·         Diarrhea
·         Vomiting
·         Fever
·         Colored discharge of the eyes or nose
·         Pink Eye
·         Any other contagious disease or infection
·         For cases of head lice, there must be NO adult lice OR nits present for 10 days.
*If you will not be attending co-op due to illness, please contact the appropriate Education Director as soon as possible and arrange substitutes to cover your teaching positions.

Weather Cancellation Policy

1.      If Sioux Falls public schools cancel or have a late start on a day that co-op meets, Walk by the Way will be cancelled.
2.      If smaller surrounding schools cancel on a day that co-op meets (but Sioux Falls does not), there will be a condensed co-op meeting from 10:00am-11:30am.  It will be an open gym/play group setting for those who are able to attend.  Normal classes will NOT be held.
a.       Those in attendance during a condensed co-op day will be asked to supervise a play group activity or serve in the nursery.
b.      If you are unsure if Walk by the Way will be meeting, please check the Facebook group page for updates or contact a current WBW board member.

Diaper Changing/Toileting Policy

1.      No males will change diapers.
2.      If child is potty training, parents should take them to the bathroom BEFORE class starts.
3.      If child is potty training, parents should send a change of fresh clothes to class.
4.      In the Toddler class there is one potty break at 10:30am.  Children will be taken to the potty if they ask to go.
5.      Parents must send diapers and wipes to be used for baby diaper changes.
6.      All other students will have an opportunity to use the restroom during snack time & between classes.

Parent Responsibilites

1.      Bringing the child(ren) to class on time. (Check in is at 8:45am)  Be aware that late arrivals disrupt the learning environment.
2.      Assisting child as needed with class assigned homework.
3.      Providing classroom materials such as books requested by the individual instructors.
4.      Serving in needed volunteer positions.
5.      Providing a snack for each of your children for the 1st hour snack break.  (Due to allergies, please do NOT send any snacks that contain peanuts or tree nuts.)
6.      Notifying the education director in the event of your absence and working to find substitutes for your teaching positions.
a.      There will be NO unexcused absences allowed. (i.e., not showing up with failure to call, invalid reason for absence, etc.)  Unexcused absences may lead to disciplinary action.

Classroom Rules

1.      Follow directions
2.      Keep your hands to yourself
3.      Raise your hand to talk
4.      Be kind to others

Student Responsibilites

1.      Completing all homework assigned by the instructor.
2.      Respecting all instructors
3.      Behaving in a responsible manner
4.      Refraining from disturbing other classmates
5.      Helping with set-up and/or clean-up as needed
6.      Dressing modestly
7.      Addressing each other in proper manner, and properly addressing parents and instructors as Mr., Mrs., Miss.
8.      Using good manners (no unseemly noises, no teasing, etc.).
9.      Raising hand in order to speak.
10.  Respecting and obeying those in authority.

Discipline Policy

Our discipline policy revolves around the principle of not allowing one disruptive student to limit the education of other students. 
1.      Students receive one verbal warning during class (younger students will be given two verbal warnings).
2.      Second verbal warning results in dismissal from that class.
3.      Walk by the Way’s President will notify parents of dismissals.
4.      If a child consistently misbehaves, the parent will be notified of the behavior in order that corrections can be made.

Failure to follow co-op policies and/or Parent and Student Responsibilities may result in dismissal from the co-op.